In the compassionate spirit of Jenna Nicole Burleigh, Jenna’s Blessing Bags Foundation strives to improve the current and future quality of life of the homeless population.


Through the collection and distribution of clothing, personal hygiene supplies, and foodstuffs the foundation works to improve the lives of the homeless population. By cooperating with partner organizations, Jenna’s Blessing Bags Foundation hopes to provide a platform for the homeless population to advance toward self-sustainability.

About Jenna

On November 4, 1994, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin, an activist and an artist, was brought into the world. Jenna Burleigh was truly someone special who worked to spread good vibes to anyone she met. Most people change themselves into the norm; not Jenna. Jenna lived every day 100% proud of who she was. She was Unapologetically herself. Jenna’s life was a work of art. Each day started as a clean canvas that she painted beautifully with kindness, love, and acceptance.

In loving memory of Jenna Burleigh, Jenna’s Blessing Bags was created to fulfill her mission of spreading love, peace, and equality. As a young woman, she became an active agent for social change on many current fronts, including aid to the homeless. With kindness and compassion, Jenna distributed blessing bags filled with life essentials to the homeless community of Philadelphia. While attending Temple University in 2017 at the tender age of 22, Jenna's life was tragically taken. However, her mission still carries on. Her family and friends are continuing Jenna's pursuit of social justice by walking in the path of Jenna. Today backpacks filled with life essentials for men and women are donated across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Colorado, and New York, with future plans for further distribution. Each bag is built with the same love that beat in Jenna's heart. It is topped off with Jenna’s Blessing Bags tag that includes a quote from Jenna that best represents what she stood for. It reads, “l truly believe in the good in people and the magic that can be found in all of us. I will always fight for what’s right. I will always fight for equality for all,” Jenna Burleigh. Come join the fight.

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